Steve Brewer joined the EPC as the International Training Director, having served for 32 years in the UK Royal Air Force.

Steve is one of the worlds’ leading international training directors, having worked across 35 countries and managed over 200 training programmes.

He is an internationally experienced operations, training and programme director with over 17 years adult instructional and lecturing experience, teaching students and delegates from all over the world. In fact he has lived in five countries and worked overseas in over 35 nations, his current role has taken him to Europe, the Gulf, South America and East Africa.

Steve has managed over 200 training programmes and consultancy missions and has overseen the design, development and delivery of bespoke training solutions for a myriad of clients including overseas governments.

As a military attaché based in the Middle East he led contingency planning for the UK Embassy, Diplomatic and support personnel and British citizens visiting or working in the region.

His last role in the military was as the Assistant Director for NATO Joint Operations Centre in Naples, Italy, where Steve was responsible for resilience planning for the 24/7 Operations Centre, and responsible for oversight and reporting of the geographic area covering Middle East to West Africa during the Ukraine crisis and the early part of the Syrian conflict.

He became an Ancien of the NATO Defence College in Rome in 2013 where he studied the international security environment, crisis management and security risks, international relations, cultural diversity, decision-making and consensus building.


Masters Degree with Distinction in Leadership and Management, Level 8 Certificate in Strategic Direction and Leadership.

Steve is also a Member of the Chartered Management Institute