Bev’s professional experience and insight within the resilience industry (and across a range of other sectors) means she plays a vital role supporting the EPC strategy. She leads the design, development and delivery of a portfolio of services for the EPC and its clients.

Bev is integral to developing a range of British Standards, National Occupational Standards, EPC papers, qualifications and National Guidance. She has authored the current ‘Staying Safe in the Modern World’ free, open online learning course designed to assist personal resilience and has also edited the publication; ‘National Guidance on Working in Safety Advisory Groups’.

Bev’s career has not only made her a sought after speaker, but also a valued board member for the Events Industry Forum (authors of The Purple Guide Chapters) and Co-Chair of the Security Institute Security; Education, Accreditation, Training and Standards and Special Interest Group. Bev is also the author of chapters within the Crowded Places Guidance by NaCTSO.

Her background in health, local authority, government, training, consultancy, resilience, health and safety, crowded places (recently advising and supporting the Home Office and NaCTSO), event management as well as possessing an academic background, allows Bev to provide extraordinary support to organisations.

Bev was awarded the Metropolitan Police commendation for her hard work and dedication in Operation Moonshadow, Hackney siege.

Bev believes that we should improve resilience for all. Personally, she works hard to give back to the community, building personal, professional and organisational resilience. She says: “There is a reality behind all that we do and this has to be wedded to the doctrine and guidance we strive to follow.”

Bev loves spending time with her family and pets, which include two dogs and a guinea pig! At home she enjoys getting out in the fresh air to go walking. Her outside interests include being a Group Scout Leader.