We are delighted to be able to make the new JESIP 2017 All-Staff Awareness training package available to you. It’s an interactive e-learning tutorial that takes about 40 minutes to complete.

It’s for basic awareness-raising about the main approaches and tools for achieving ground-level interoperability, and it’s designed for all staff of the emergency services. However, JESIP are committed to making it more widely available. This means available to everyone in the wider resilience community who may be interested in an introduction to what JESIP is all about – which is working together, saving life and reducing harm.

So, with the kind permission of the JESIP team we are making it available: just follow the instructions below to access it.

The EPC were contracted to write and produce this package, but it is wholly owned by JESIP. We hope it is useful to the practitioner community, but please note that we cannot support or service any enquiries or issues you may have with access to, or the running of, the package.

Click here to start